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Groceries to Promote Bone Boost for Spine Health El Paso, TX.

Foods we eat can helpprevent spinal fractures, osteoporosis, along with other bone issues.Most of us struggle to get the proper amountof calcium and vitamin D into our diets even though magnesium is found in a variety of foods like green vegetables, oatmeal, nuts and seeds, meat, poultry, seafood, and legumes.

The spine is constantly in a state of change as your metabolism breaks down, replaces and rebuilds bone. The nutrition your bones need is always changing, as well as the body as it acquires stored bone minerals for other purposes and replaces them with a fresh supply from what you eat.

The best way to keep your bones strong and pain-free is by eating a healthy diet rich in calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium. That means going beyond the dairy aisle when looking for bone-boosting foods. There are plenty of healthy options scattered all throughout the grocery store.Here are some tips on what you might want to consider buying the next time you’re at the market.


11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 126 Groceries to Promote Bone Boost for Spine Health El Paso, TX.


Here is a list of foods rich in calcium and vitamin D to start adding to your grocery list. Note: Always check nutrition labels. Fortified products, like plant-based:

  • Kinds of milk
  • Cereals
  • Juices with added calcium or vitamin D, are not included.

But they can be a great addition to your diet as an added assurance that youre hitting the proper nutritional goals.

Produce/Plant-Based Protein

Fruits, veggies, and plant-based proteins are always a good choice but here are a few that pack more bone nutrients.

  • One cup of shreddedBok Choy equals 74mg of calcium.
  • Two cups of raw Broccoli equals 86mg of calcium.
  • One cup of cooked Collard greens equals 268mg of calcium.
  • A half-cup of raw Cress equals 188mg of calcium.
  • One cup of Edamame equals 98mg of calcium.
  • One cup of raw Kale equals 101mg of calcium.
  • One cup of Okra equals 82mg of calcium.
  • One good size Orange equals 74mg of calcium.
  • A half-cup of raw Rhubarb equals 103mg of calcium.
  • A half-cup ofTofu equals 434mg of calcium.


11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 126 Groceries to Promote Bone Boost for Spine Health El Paso, TX.



Fresh seafood offers some great options to get vitamin D.

  • Three ounces of cookedMackerelequals 300-500IU of vitamin D.
  • Three ounces of cookedSalmon equals 400-500 IU of vitamin D.


Packaged Foods

Foods like nuts, seeds, and canned goods, can help stretch your food dollar and be a nutritious option.

  • One ounce ofAlmonds equals 75mg of calcium.
  • A half-cup or three ounces ofCanned salmon can equal 290mg of calcium or 400-475 IU’s of vitamin D.
  • Three ounces ofCanned sardines equals anywhere from325-400mg of calcium or150-250 IU’s of vitamin D.
  • One ounce ofChia seeds equals 179mg of calcium.
  • A half-cup of dried Figs equals 121mg of calcium.
  • One tablespoon ofPoppy seeds equals 127mg of calcium.
  • One tablespoon ofSesame seeds equals 88mg of calcium.
  • A half-cup ofWhite beans equals 63mg of calcium.


magnesium el paso tx.



Dairy sources have more calcium with each serving than any other food. Here are a few to help you reach your daily nutrient amount to keep your bones strong for years.

  • One slice or a half-ounce ofCheese equals150-270mg of calcium.
  • One largeEgg equals 44 IU of vitamin D.
  • A half-cup ofFrozen yogurt equals 80-110mg of calcium.
  • A half-cup ofIce cream equals80-110mg of calcium.
  • One cup ofLow-fat yogurt equals 350-400mg of calcium.
  • One cup ofMilk equals 250-300mg of calcium.
  • A half-cup ofPudding equals 55-140mg of calcium.



Eating a well-balanced diet gives you all the nutrients your bones need. Sometimes you need a calcium supplement to fill in the gaps. Learn more about whether a supplement may be right for you by talking to your doctor, chiropractor, health coach, dietician.


11860 Vista Del Sol, Ste. 126 Groceries to Promote Bone Boost for Spine Health El Paso, TX.


Keep Your Spine Healthy

A healthy diet that’s rich in multiple nutrients will maintain your spinal bone health and overall health.

As part of our Acute Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation Practice, we are presently offering detailedInstitute For Functional MedicineCollaborative Assessment Programs focused on Integrative Treatment Protocols. We completely evaluate personal history, current nutrition, activity behaviors, environmental exposures to toxic elements, psychological and emotional factors, in tandem with your genetics.

Our purpose with these high-level assessments is to understand the root cause of chronic disorders and to treat the person holistically. Integrative Personalized Medicine is the future of healthcare and we are very proud to bring it to all our patients. Our onlineFunctional Medicine Health Assessment Questionnaire has given insights into our patients’ present Functional Health.

We personally welcome all present and future patients toFunctional Medicineand its modernFunctional Medicine Living Matrixtreatment approaches.

Our team has taken great pride in bringing our families and injured patients only clinically proved treatment protocols. By teaching complete holistic wellness as a lifestyle, we also change not only our patients lives but their families as well. We do this so that we may reach as many El Pasoans who need us, no matter the affordability issues.


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Having healthy body composition means there needs to be more lean body mass i.e.muscle massand less body fat.Strength training/CrossFithelps by raising themetabolic ratewhile lowering body fat. The increased muscle strength helps maintain correct posture and body mechanics in whatever you do.

Physical activity reduces the chance of injury while increasing physical performance like being able to climb stairs or carry groceries with much-added ease and confidence.


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