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Mediterranean Diet: Italians Healthiest People In The World

The Global Health Index results are in, and Italians rank first as the worlds healthiest people, according to Bloomberg.

The secret to their longevityseems to reside in their approach to nutrition, as a Mediterranean dietbased on pasta, bread, cheese, lean meat, and wine has them living well into their 80s.

The Italians high consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, which make it to the plate every day, also accounts for the nations vigorous health and low mortality rates. Another magical ingredient found in abundance in Italian cuisine in olive oil, which has great benefits for cardiovascular health.

Surprisingly enough, although studies have shown a balanced diet can make us happy, Italy didnt fare so well in the United Nations World Happiness Reportfor 2017, where the country only managed to rank in at No. 48 out of 155.

The Italians unhappy disposition may be caused by their stagnant economy and high youth unemployment rate. Nevertheless, the stress of financial struggles doesnt seem to affect their longevity.


The Global Health Index, calculated each year by Bloomberg, assessed population health in 163 countries. The indexbases its ranking on a health score that evaluates life expectancyat different ages, mortality rates due to illness or injury, and survival contingency at critical times.

Each country also received penalty points determined by unhealthy factors such as smoking, overweight and obesity, and improper childhood nutrition as well as environmental conditions, for instance pollutionand limited access to potable water.

The overall calculations led to a health grade. Italy scored the highest, with a grade of 93.11. The second ranking position was claimed by Iceland with a health grade of 91.21, while third place went to Switzerland, which scored a total of 90.75 points. Singapore and Australia also made it to the top five, managing to accumulate 90.23 and 89.24 points respectively.

At the opposite pole stand Slovakia (65.10), Barbados (64.14), Oman (62.89), and Panama (62.39), while Albania ranked at the bottom of the index, with 62.01 points.

The United States managed to score a total of 73.05 points, ranking in at No. 34. Accordingto Bloomberg, the nations ranking for prevalence of overweight peopleis 67.3 tipping the scale as one of the worlds heaviest nations. The countrys health score was also affected by maternal mortality rates, which although curtailing worldwide are increasing in the United States.


You must be wondering how a diet of pizzas, pasta among other indulgent items boasts of being one of the healthiest in the world. Well, there are certain secrets about the Italian diet that are both, unique and relatablesome of which, have been revealed over the years.Recently voted as the healthiest country on earth by the Bloomberg Global Health Index, Italy apparently has a lot to thank its cuisine for.

But wait, arent food items like cheese-laden pizzas contributing towards making nations like America overweight? Not really.A post shared by Best Food, Chef And Restaurant (@italian_food) on Mar 22, 2017 at 10:51am PDTItalian lifestyle is dominated by fresh produce, adequate exercise, authentic cuisine, beneficial oils like canola and olive, besides occasional glasses of red wine. Please pay attention.

The keyword here is, authentic.Also Read: Italy is Worlds Healthiest Country; India doesnt feature in top 50The skewed form of Italian food served around the world (including in India) barely does justice to its original form. For example, by adding processed meat to a pizza instead of the vegetables Italians use, youre piling on calories for yourselfthe calories Italians choose to ignore.So, here are some things Italians do differently than the rest of the world and ensure their delicious doesnt make them gain weight.1. According to Mayo Clinic, the

Mediterranean diet comprises of using natural herbs and spices instead of salt for adding flavour.A post shared by Best Food, Chef And Restaurant (@italian_food). Red meat is a rarity, whereas fish and poultry is consumed at least twice a week.3. Italians also believe in consuming healthy amounts of red wine that contains its fair share of benefits.4. Butter is replaced by oils like Canola and Olive.5. Many Italians replace dessert with fresh fruits.6. Besides laying emphasis on homemade food, Italians are huge fans of fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nutseach of which are packed with health benefits.Researches over the years have shown how resorting to the Mediterranean diet might actually keep you away from cholesterol and subsequently, heart diseases. Also linked with a reduced risk of Parkinsons and Alzheimers diseases, the diet is believed to alter the risk of breast cancer among women.

Dr. Alex Jimenez D.C.,C.C.S.T’s insight:

Mediterranean diet comprises of using natural herbs and spices instead of salt for adding flavor.For Answers to any questions you may have please call Dr. Jimenez at915-850-0900

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