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In the last three articles, we introduced the wheat zoomer, went in-depth about the intestinal permeability, and the microbes in our gut. We also talked about the hidden problem with gluten as well. Today we will be discussing what to do after your patient comes in for a check-up after completing their gut healing process. For this to work, patients have to be gluten-free for the results to work. After the healing phase, local chiropractors, health coaches, and physicians can introduce gluten back slowly into the patient’s diet.


When the patient comes in for a check-up, here are some of the things doctors look for:

  • If everything is green, re-introducing gluten may be possible for patients.
  • If anything is still yellow or red, patients must continue to avoid gluten and keep the gut healing process until the test results are all green.

After the appointment, patients can retest the wheat zoomer in about 3-9 months. However, there are about 50% of individuals with celiac disease that may also have antibodies to casein and may have to go dairy-free to heal their gut. Although some individuals are gluten sensitive may not be lactose intolerant but can go dairy free if they want to.


LECTIN_MoleculesSurprisingly all plants have lectin, but some of them are not problematic to humans thankfully. Legumes and grains play a role in increasing the diversity of microbes that may be beneficial or harmful to our bodies. Wheat Germ Agglutinin is the only specific lectin to the Wheat Zoomer, but it doesnt reflect the overall lectin sensitivity but, consider the lectin zoomer to determine any particular lectins that your patient is sensitive to without eliminating unnecessary foods that are beneficial to the gut healing process.



Many studies show that soy may be a problem due to the saponin since it does have higher lectin count. Here at Injury Medical clinic, we suggest that running the Lectin Zoomer on our patients with intestinal permeability makes sense for them to heal correctly. But animal studies stated that soybean agglutinin has the effect of the increasing release of zonulin away from the TJ (tight junction). And a human study reported that if the soy saponin is poorly absorbed or utilized by the human intestinal epithelial cell will end up metabolizing the intestinal bacteria and cause more harm to human.



Known as sucrose monoester fatty acids is mostly used in cosmetics, food preservatives, food additives. Sucrose esters are used as a surface treatment on some fruits like peaches, pears, cherries, apples, and bananas. It keeps the moisture on the peel or rind controlled. Sucrose mono ester used in cosmetics as an emulsifier.

Bone broth/Collagen


Up to this date, there are minimal studies that have examined the role of bone broth or collagen that it repairs the intestinal barrier. It all depends on the animal and the bone it comes from and the contents that people have put in a bone broth soup.


However, there is a small body of evidence for the use of collagen peptides seem to support the usage in their autoimmune disease treatment protocol. But the results cant be extrapolated whether bone broth would have similar effects. So more studying about bone broth is needed.

Organic Produce


When people say that they are going organic, it is beneficial for people that are willing to change to a healthy lifestyle. Granted that organically produces are locally grown, but still, organic produce or non-organic produce will not have less or safer pesticides. They are different, but all of the crops like fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides.

Just like all fruits and vegetables, still, wash them thoroughly to reduce the number of pesticides and surfactants exposure and enjoy them to your heart’s content.

Resistant Starches


Resistant starch foods are a form of carbohydrates that can be converted to short fatty acids by SCFA-producing bacteria. With higher SCFA levels, these starches aid immune tolerance, T-cell differentiation, and intestinal barrier homeostasis. Other types of fibers are high value, and variety is essential. Like for example, cooked/cooled rice and potatoes are excellent resistance starch foods.

Wellness Doctor & Functional Medicine

“Eat like a vegetarian who eats meat.”- Dr. Alex JimenezD.C., C.C.S.T.

Polyphenol Foods


Polyphenols, flavonoids and other phenolic compounds will aid to maintained TJ stability through inhibiting phosphorylation of TJ complexes.

Fermented Foods


Fermented food or drinks that contain live probiotic cultures are excellent in promoting a healthy gut. However, it is challenging to study fermented food and beverages due to highly variable stains, composition, nutrient content. But studies found that participants who drink a fermented plant extract drink saw improvements in their body and increased total antioxidants and total phenolic in plasma as well as with reducing total C and LDL-C.

Beneficial bacteria like Bifido and Lactobacillus were increased while E Coli and C perfringens were decreased in the gut. So drinking or eating fermented food can help our gut and help our bile growth to be flushed out.

Granted, we all know that trying to be healthy is very hard. It is true that even though exercising is easy because we can do it over and over again until we are masters at it but, when we overdo the exercises it will cause harm to our bodies and hurting it in the process. Eating healthy is hard as well because our bodies may have a food allergen or a food sensitivity that will make us disappointed that we cant enjoy the foods we want to eat. Yes, eliminating diets are very hard and challenging to follow in the long term and have poor compliances when we dont put in the work. So start by exploring other tests to tailor patients diets to meet their health needs and prolong their recovery period.



Supplements are fantastic to aid the valuable nutrients and minerals our bodies cant produce. Common supplements prescribed include:

  • L-glutamine
  • Vitamin D3
  • Collagen
  • Colostrum
  • Zinc carnosine
  • Ox bile
  • Omega-3s
  • Turmeric/Quercetin
  • Magnesium

Stress Management


Granted that stress is part of our lives and we can manage small amounts of it, and it is beneficial to us, but some people have chronic stress and have to go to a doctor to get it treated. But there is hope as there are ways to manage stress and doing it functionally and naturally.


So all in all, just to recap, if your patient is good to go and their test results are all green, you can introduce gluten back to their diets again in small increments and can be rested in about 3 to 9 months. But if your patient does have a gluten allergen then just let them know that they must continue to be gluten-free. We here at Injury Medical Clinic, always put our patients needs first for them to live their best lives with functional natural medicine.


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